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Address: Abakan, Lenin str., 92 – 404 .

e-mail: interuni@khsu.ru
Tеl. (3902) 23-92-99

Activity of International Relations Office includes the following directions:

  1. Preparation and signing of agreements and contracts on cooperation of the Katanov State university with foreign institutions of higher education and other organizations of the foreign states, practical realization of these agreements with corresponding divisions of the university.
  2. Planning of the international relations activity of the University.
  3. Participation in the organization and realization of the multi- and two-side projects in accordance with international cooperation plans.
  4. Creation and conducting of the database on funds, grants etc., rendering assistance and advice for employees and students of the University concerned with the search of possibilities and financing on leaving abroad for study and traineeship.
  5. Reception of foreign citizens in accordance with the university agreements on international cooperation or personal contract.
  6. The control of  foreign citizens’ passport and visa mode of people arriving to  the University.
  7. Registration of foreign citizens.
  8. Realization of direct contacts with foreign partners, their representatives in the Russian Federation and with individuals concerning the University international activity.
  9. Offering assistance in realization of training programs « Russian as a Foreign Language» and refresh course in other foreign languages.
  10. Registration of departures abroad of employees and students of the university.

We are open to partnership proposals for international projects. We believe that academic cooperation in these areas will be mutually beneficial and contribute to the improvement of education and training systems, will develop educational mobility. Our work will help people to constantly adapt to changes in the information society, and to promote research and development. The practical objectives of our activities are removing barriers to academic mobility; promoting lifelong learning and guidance; language learning.